Saturday, February 26, 2011

Puppy Potty Training Regression

Your dog will come running when you whistle? You must have seen movies where dogs are cool tricks that take a bow and crawl or even play dead. Dogs are great animals and express their emotions and their loyalty to the owner easily. These pets would be faithful to any extent to save their owner for all damages, or helping their owners when they are sick. their care is obvious that he made an effort to understand your actions. A single command and run outside to get something you want. They express their love and warmth in amazing ways. More time spent with them, the more you understand how much they care. So if you're eager to have fun time with your dog and I was wondering about cool tricks and how to teach, let me tell you some cool stuff dog easily. Teaching these cool dog tricks will make your dog the smartest dog in the neighborhood. Learn more about:
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Dog Care
Cool Dog Tricks

Give me five / Write Paw Trick

No dog I know "Gimme Five" thing? If not, you should teach your dog gives me something five or shake hands. It's something very nice dog. First, you should tell your dog to sit. I guess they tell him "Sit." Thus, after the dog sits easily extend your hand to hold his paw. When you hold his paw with one hand, clearly mentioning the words "Gimme Five" and give him his favorite treat with your other hand. A little practice should make your dog understand this stuff. To learn more about dog obedience.

Wave Trick

It's a dog thing easy. If your dog has mastered the trick of the tab so that you can now try to teach him to wave. Firstly yes "Sit" command and say "yes wave your paw" to your dog, the dog raises its paw once, instead of reaching its leg, raise your hand, your dog may try to reach the lift hand standing at the moment, takes her hand. I know that the dog has to ask why do not you let me give you a five, but still give him a treat. Repeat this step yet in his hand a little higher than when I ask him to do a "give paw" command and praise, as he tries to touch her hand. Keep your hands high, so it can not touch his hand, but praise and say "vague". With a little practice, your dog will understand and be able to do this stuff with success wave. To learn more about how to teach a dog to retrieve.

Go to your tower Spot

Perhaps kept a place or a place where the dog sleeps or relaxes. You can teach your dog, go to your tower up without too much difficulty. Start by saying "go to your place" and take your dog on the spot and ask him to sit down. If your dog stays in place for some time, beatings and hand on something delicious. After some tests, I'm sure your dog will understand this stuff and executed on the spot each time you use this command. Learn more about:
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Give me a kiss trick

Although most dogs are very affectionate and express their love from time to time you can teach your dog to kiss when they asked. It's a simple trick dog cool, just say "Give me a kiss," for your dog and place the cheek in front of the mouth. The applause when he licks her face, but never forget that some incentive should make learning more exciting for your dog. Thus, in the initial stages, delicious food ready for the dogs. To learn more about the house and dog training treats dog treats.

Roll Over Trick

To teach the dog how to roll over, give a direction to adjust. When the dog responds to "Down" command, you must kneel down beside him and roll and say "roll over" clearly. Make sure you do it easily and on a floor or carpet padding, keep rolling to the side until it is vertical. Praise him for doing it successfully, and its time to roll over doggy treat to lure the dog learning tricks. For more information on correcting dog behavior.

Play Dead

You can teach a dog something cold, without much effort. You could try to teach them something to play dead when the dog was very active and wants to rest. When he is in his place, give him "Down" command, once built, first, give him a slight push and say "play dead." Praise him as he turns around and show him affection. After some testing I'm sure your dog should understand this thing better play dead. Learn more about how to teach more than one lap dog.

Hope you enjoyed this information on dog tricks cool slightly. Try it on your dog and see how fast it will respond to your commands. Make sure you give your dog lots of praise and delicious doggy treat to be ready. Have fun!

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